[blfs-support] Building Thunderbird

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Thu Dec 5 09:31:10 PST 2013

The first thing is that the build bailed out on me because I didn't have 
gstreamer installed.  That's not listed in any of the dependencies.

I just wanted to get a working Thunderbird so that I wouldn't have to 
keep rebooting to get to my e-mail.  I have it, but I want it built with 
all the system dependencies and right now it's not.  My troubles with 
NSS are documented in another thread.

But I'm going to build it again, which leads to my next observation.

In preparing for Firefox, the book, BLFS SVN, gives the procedure for 
linking it agains XULrunner.  (And I hope this isn't a mis-print, but 
that the build time for Firefox drops from 55 to .3 SBU's.  
Fantastic.).  The page for Thunderbird says nothing about XULrunner.  
I'm just making the assumption, and I would like someone to verify it, 
that since Thunderbird also employs the gekko-engine it will also link 
against XULrunner.  Is this correct?

I want to minimize the number of 50+ SBU builds. :-)


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