[blfs-support] Building Thunderbird

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Thu Dec 5 11:20:14 PST 2013

On 5.12.2013 18:31, Dan McGhee wrote:
> The first thing is that the build bailed out on me because I didn't have
> gstreamer installed.  That's not listed in any of the dependencies.
> I just wanted to get a working Thunderbird so that I wouldn't have to
> keep rebooting to get to my e-mail.  I have it, but I want it built with
> all the system dependencies and right now it's not.  My troubles with
> NSS are documented in another thread.
> But I'm going to build it again, which leads to my next observation.
> In preparing for Firefox, the book, BLFS SVN, gives the procedure for
> linking it agains XULrunner.  (And I hope this isn't a mis-print, but
> that the build time for Firefox drops from 55 to .3 SBU's.
> Fantastic.).  The page for Thunderbird says nothing about XULrunner.
> I'm just making the assumption, and I would like someone to verify it,
> that since Thunderbird also employs the gekko-engine it will also link
> against XULrunner.  Is this correct?
> I want to minimize the number of 50+ SBU builds. :-)
> Thanks,
> Dan

You can't link thunderbird to an external version of xulrunner. First of 
all, versions differ and second, I believe thunderbird uses some custom 
modifications or addition to the engine itself.

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