[blfs-support] problem using BS or DEL key

Alexey Orishko alexey.orishko at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 16:35:47 PST 2013

On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 1:04 AM, Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com> wrote:
>  Forgot to attach it the first time, and when I did it bounced (too
> big, whoops!).  So here's the third attempt, using xz to compress it
> from 177K to < 7K. <sigh/>

Thanks and sorry for confusion!
I had no Unicode initially, but added it after initial comments.
However adding Unicode font didn't help. I'll try your suggestions tomorrow.

Anyway I've already found troubling news re. my Intel Atom GPU:
Intel D2550 Cedarview (GMA3600) has PowerVR 545 graphics core.
And its problem is described here: https://gist.github.com/Aissen/2925633
Now I understand why I can't get grub and kernel to get a higher resolution...
At least it explains a difference in behaviour between 2 different Atom
motherboards (old one has D510).

Found some suggestion online:
- Upstream kernel from 3.2 should have cedarview support with 'gma500'
driver maintained by Alan Cox. It provides basic KMS support for
LVDS/VGA/HDMI but without graphics acceleration.
- make sure CONFIG_DRM_GMA500 and CONFIG_DRM_GMA3600 is
 on in kernel config.

I use LFS-7.4 with kernel 3.10.10 and I've tried 3.10.22 but
apparently with wrong driver.


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