[blfs-support] Ways to convert a .doc to something more civil.

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Fri Dec 6 13:37:57 PST 2013

On 12/06/2013 10:30 PM, Aleksandar Kuktin wrote:
> Hi all!
> Is there a way to convert .doc documents to something else (preferably
> PDF) WITHOUT using *Office?
> The thing is that I have moved to new harware, rebuilt most of (B)LFS,
> but would want to read these bunch of documents without first having to
> spend the entire weekend hacking OpenOffice. It has been 3 or 4 years
> since I last built it and I remember it not being a breeze.
> BTW, this e-mail is not signed because of a mixup with keys when I
> migrated to the new machine. I'll get them when I get back home for
> Christmas. I also forgot my SSL certificate files so now I can't really
> SSL around the net - at least untill I rebuild them. I *really* hope I
> remembered to bring the PGP keys for various packages I spent years
> collecting. Have to check that in the morning.

You could use AbiWord if you don't want to build entire Libreoffce.

But it seems that wv package (available in BLFS) could help you do what
you want.

See http://wvware.sourceforge.net/ "wv Utilities". They recommend using
abiword executable though.

Note: My last name is not Krejzi.

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