[blfs-support] XML Files

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 08:54:31 PST 2013

Dan McGhee wrote:
> On 12/12/2013 10:00 AM, Armin K. wrote:
>> On 12/12/2013 04:56 PM, Dan McGhee wrote:
>>> I've noticed that many files that get installed are XML files and
>>> contain many lines for messages in different languages.  In particular
>>> I'm thinking of the action files in /usr/share/polkit-1/actions.  My
>>> $LANG is "en_US.ISO-8859-1."  The existence of these other lines in the
>>> files make it a little difficult to find what I'm looking for.
>>> In installing these packages; e.g., polkit, did I miss a dependency to
>>> render these files with only the en_US messages, or is there another
>>> application that I can apply to these files to eliminate the lines
>>> relating to other messages?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Dan
>> That's called Native Language Support. Some packages have --disable-nls
>> configure switches that disable translating messages into other
>> languages when possible.
> Thanks, Armin. You have really taught me a lot in the last couple of
> days. Many times I just automatically type commands and options from the
> book and read the "command explanations" without very much sinking in.
> Thanks for taking the time to answer these basic questions.

Many times it is useful to run './configure --help' to see what options 
are supported.

   -- Bruce

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