[blfs-support] Polkit Actions

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Thu Dec 12 10:37:39 PST 2013

On 12/11/2013 06:06 PM, Dan McGhee wrote:
> On 12/11/2013 05:50 PM, Armin K. wrote:
>> On 12/12/2013 12:47 AM, Dan McGhee wrote:
>>> On 12/11/2013 05:35 PM, Armin K. wrote:
>>>> On 12/12/2013 12:19 AM, Dan McGhee wrote:
>>>> You can always try running "pkexec /usr/sbin/gparted" from a terminal
>>>> and check the output.
>>> Interesting output. Now I need to find out why when running pkexec from
>>> the terminal, it thinks I'm somebody else.
>>>> dan [ ~ ]$ pkexec /usr/sbin/gparted
>>>> Error executing command as another user: Not authorized
>> This is due to consolekit misconfiguration. Most people ignore
>> recommended dependency of Linux PAM on the ConsoleKit page, which is
>> really, really *required* if you want ConsoleKit to work correctly. On
>> the other hand, I use systemd, which has logind - a replacement for
>> consolekit so I don't really know if polkit works anymore with just
>> consolekit.
>> Post output of ck-list-sessions. It should read something like (if the
>> memory serves me well) active: yes, local: yes. If these two are not
>> yes, then consolekit is not configured correctly.
> I had just done this when your reply arrived and I had thought there was
> something wrong with consolekit. Here's the output
>> Session3:
>> unix-user = '100'
>> realname = '(null)'
>> seat = 'Seat4'
>> session-type = ''
>> active = FALSE
>> x11-display = ''
>> x11-display-device = ''
>> display-device = '/dev/tty1'
>> remote-host-name = ''
>> is-local = FALSE
>> on-since = '2013-12-11T21:20:56.318833Z'
>> login-session-id = '4294967295'
>> idle-since-hint = '2013-12-11T21:21:26.873134Z'
> And I'm one of the ones who didn't install pam. I'll check into all of
> this. Once again, thanks, Armin
Everything is working fine. I installed PAM and reinstalled and 
reconfigured shadow and ConsoleKit. I spent some time wondering if the 
changes were working since, when I completed the changes, nothing had 
changed. At the xfce4 website, the documentation said, if you don't use 
a log in manager, to test ConsoleKit by running 'ck-list-sessions' in a 
terminal before starting X. I did that and didn't get indication of an 
"Active" session, until I thought that maybe I should log out and back 
in. That was when everything worked. Always the little things.

I usually don't suggest things like this and I don't know if ConsoleKit 
can be used without PAM. But in some of the pacakge pages there are 
comments like "If you don't install the optional dependencies then you 
can't do <description>. Armin said yesterday that PAM was almost a 
required dependency of ConsoleKit. Maybe a comment of explanation would 
be appropriate for the ConsoleKit page.

Thanks again, Armin. My system is working the way I want it to, I know 
how to do other things like this and I learned a lot more.


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