[blfs-support] Trying to Decide Which Qt

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Fri Dec 13 11:10:54 PST 2013

I had originally intended to install Qt-4.8.5 based on something someone 
said in a post about a month ago.  The statement indicated something to 
the effect that older applications might link against Qt-4 and not Qt-5 
yet.  The discussion centered around pre-compiled proprietary binaries. 
But I reasoned that the only one of those I intend to use right now is 
Radeon's Catalyst driver which is not built against Qt.  I digress.

In the build situation for Qt-4.8.5 is the phonon library discussion.  I 
gather that Qt does not link against, but rather employs this library 
and that the library can be built after Qt-4.8.5.  But just to check 
things, I looked at Qt-5.2.0, which takes half again as long to build, 
and the phonon issue does not pop up.  But Cups is listed as a 
recommended dependency.

For Qt-4.8.5, Cups is listed as optional.  I do--did--not intend to set 
up printing until I got most of the other things in my system working.  
I consider Qt one of the building blocks.

What, if any, functional loss will I experience by not installing Cups 
right now?  If I wait to build Cups will I have to rebuild Qt-5.2.0


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