[blfs-support] Network Manager Woes

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Mon Dec 16 15:31:57 PST 2013

On 12/15/2013 04:29 PM, Dan McGhee wrote:
> I installed and configured Network Manager--and double checked-as the
> BLFS book indicates.  The first sign of trouble what when I rebooted and
> the boot "hung" with 2 error messages from NetworkManager repeating.
> They were the wlano statements below about the device becoming
> disasociated.  I had to reboot again and remove the networkmanager boot
> scripts from the chroot environment in Ubuntu.
> I researched the man pages, and all the documentation I could find about
> configuring Network Manager, but anything I tried didn't work.  I have
> been running my tests as 'root' to obviate the need to build the scripts
> noted in the wiki on the NetworkManager BLFS page.
Well.....this certainly is embarassing. Yes, I read all I could find 
about Network Manager. But I read nothing about 'nmcli' until this 
morning. I made progress, but the final conclusion was that I could do 
nothing with setting up connections unless Network Manager were running. 
Since I was starting it in a terminal with the "no-daemon" switch, it 
obviously was not running as a daemon, and, apparently not available to 
the configuration tools.

I was spinning my tires and decided to install "network-manager-applet." 
To eliminate the gory details, what I learned was that Network Manager 
was trying to authenticate my wireless card and asking for the password 
to the router. The problem was that it was already associated and I just 
glibly restarted the network when Network Manager brought my NIC down. 
When I start Network Manager on boot, I get that repeating mish-mash and 
must do all this after I've logged on. Is the whole situation as simple 
as removing the "/etc/rc.d/init.d/network" from the boot process? Or is 
it better to just pass "no" from the "ONBOOT" line of ifconfig.wifi0?

What I think I'm experiencing is the collision of sysvinit and systemd. 
I understand now a lot of the remarks in recent posts if this is true. A 
"hybrid" system is difficult to work with.

In this particular case, the philosophy of learning with regard to 
{,B}LFS was quite operational for me. I learned a lot--I think.


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