[blfs-support] Complete Backup of {,B}LFS

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Sun Dec 22 13:40:03 PST 2013

On 12/22/2013 12:55 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Why not just 'cp -a /  <mount point>'
> You will want to clean the virtual file systems in any case.  You could
> also do:  'tar -c --one-file-system - | tar -x -C <mount point>' which
> will avoid the virtual file system problem (but the virtual file systems
> mount points need to be created).
> If you boot to a 3rd system and do not have the virtual file systems
> mounted, you can just do:
> $ sudo cp -a /mnt/lfs  mnt/lfs2
I'm probably not remembering correctly, but there's something rolling 
around in the back of the '"grey cells" about cpio being better suited 
for this than cp. But like I said, could be a myth. I really like the 
3rd system idea. I wouldn't have to be acrobatic getting around the 
virtual file systems and the directories would be created. Good idea! My 
Ubuntu is still hanging around because I haven't gotten all of what I 
want out of my home directory.

The thing of which I need to be really sure is that ownership and 
permissions are carried over because of the Package Users system.
>> 3.  Enter chroot environment as in LFS book
>> 4.  Reconfigure kernel
>> 5.  Boot new system
> You may also want to change a couple of configuration files: hostname,
> fstab, ifconfig.eth0, etc.
I would have forgotten fstab. Thanks. I understand changing the 
hostname--just keeping things separate right?--but why the NIC's.
>> I need to reconfigure the kernel since I use the efi-stubs and put the
>> kernel image on the EFI partition.
> Another reason EFI sucks.  Not needed on non-EFI systems.
I know, Bruce. This is one specific instance to site for 
"anti-GRUB-ers". It would be nice to just make a menu entry. I went 
through my notes the other day and I can't tell if I had learned about 
efivars or efivarfs while I was working with GRUB2. If I didn't, then my 
conclusions are incorrect. This is one of the reasons I want another LFS 
system on my hard drive. I want to "play" with this.

The real reason I need to reconfigure is that I have "root=/dev/sda6 ro" 
compiled into the kernel and lfs2 will be on /dev/sda5. I discovered 
that you can pass command line options to the kernel from gummiboot, but 
there still is a need for a second kernel, even thought it's identical.

As I wrote that, something occurred to me. If the kernel on the EFI 
partition had no command line arguments in it, gummiboot could point the 
same kernel to different partitions through its "<name of system>.conf 


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