[blfs-support] Xorg required dep when following links in BLFS

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Mon Dec 23 03:13:22 PST 2013

Em 23-12-2013 07:07, William Harrington escreveu:
> Greetings,
> There is a problem with BLFS and Xorg deps when someone follows the  
> links for required dependencies of Xorg libs.
> An example:
> When a user attempts to build WIreshark, the require deps will take  
> them all the way to xorg-proto.
> I have also been told that util-macros isn't required for xproto. I  
> haven't confirmed, so I won't deal with that here.
> THe problem is, that when someone is following required dependencies  
> and gets to xorg-proto or util macros, XORG_PREFIX won't be set if  
> they follow dependencies rather than going straight to the Xorg  
> introduction page.
> xorg-proto ( which has util-macros as required dependency) does not  
> have Xorg introduction as a required dependency where XORG_PREFIX and  
> XORG_CONFIG is set.
> This is a problem and has been for some time. Users constantly come to  
> support (more irc than the mailing list) with issues regarding  
> libraries and headers not found. Of course, we don't support zombies,  
> but clearly, if you go from top to bottom and then someone decides  
> that they would want to install Xorg dependencies while following  
> required dependency links, they don't get XORG_CONFIG or XORG_PREFIX  
> set.
> Since the Xorg libs will eventually link the required deps all the way  
> to util-macros as a required dependency of xorg-proto, I think it'd be  
> a suggestion to have the xorg introduction as a dependency of util- 
> macros or xorg-proto or both.
> A lot of people do follow links rather than know if they want to build  
> some or all of Xorg, and when they do this, they don't get to the Xorg  
> introduction page for Xorg. People can argue all they want that users  
> should know if they want any or all of Xorg installed before building  
> an app that may use a GUI. The problem is that the required dependency  
> chain is broken. I followed Wireshark all the way back to util-macros,  
> and nothing about XORG_PREFIX and XORG_CONFIG was mentioned.
> Sincerely,
> WIlliam Harrington

I confirm that.

When studying the ticket created by Chris, I did a bit different from
you. Started at Introduction to Xorg-7.7 and then pressed "Next". The
same problem appears also in xcb-proto-1.9. Today, I stopped there.

I think the solution of including introduction as dependency for
xorg-proto and for xcb-proto seems to be a good solution.


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