[blfs-support] Complete Backup of {,B}LFS

Richard Melville richard.melville69 at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 24 03:48:09 PST 2013

> 'e2image' (part of e2fsprogs pkg) might be partly of some use there, in the
> wider-picture: but I'd say for the present task you really want dd or the
> find/cpio combination; either of them will do the job just fine. If you
> need 100% identical data - incl metadata, timestamps, &c - then I'd say use
> dd. Whereas, working at the filesystem-level - as you normally would with
> find/cpio, cp, tar, cat, &c - you run the 'risk' of at least some metadata
> (e.g. timestamps on dirs) being changed in source &/or target. IME, for
> working at the filesystem-level, the find/cpio combination will get you
> 100% identical data-copy (I've never encountered find/cpio 'choking' on any
> filesys-objects), and near-100%-identical metadata-copy (e.g. via those
> '-a'
> & '-m' cpio flags).
It's probably worth mentioning explicitly that cloning also clones the UUID
and the PARTUUID (if present) of a block device, which could cause problems
later if using the cloned device within the same system.  These IDs would
need to be changed manually with blkid and gdisk.

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