[blfs-support] Circular Dependencies--sane-backends and hplip

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Tue Dec 24 08:19:09 PST 2013

It seems like I'm lost in this loop and I don't know how to proceed--I 

I have an HP wireless printer/scanner which depends on hplip.  Hplip 
won't configure without "sane-backends" unless I disable the scanning 
option in the driver.  I don't think I can disable this option and still 
have the scanner visible to sane for its installation.

The "sane-backends" page of the books says to run scanimage -L to test 
the installation.  It won't see my scanner--my printer--until I have the 
printer driver installed and the printer configured.

I'm thinking that I can assume a "good" installation of sane-backends, 
go ahead and do it, and then install hplip.  Then I would test the 
sane-backends installation.  I'm thinking that hplip depends on the 
existence of the sane files and not their proper operation.  If the 
results of "scanimage -L" are not successful, I could then recompile and 
rebuild sane.

Does anyone have experience with installing hplip and sane?  If so, I 
would appreciate any guidance.  If not, then comments on my procedure 
are welcome.

....and all this depends on the necessity of net-snmp.  But that's 
another thread.


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