[blfs-support] About audacious-plugins-3.3.3-libcdio_v0.90_fixes-1.patch

Thanos Baloukas baloukasthan at sch.gr
Sun Mar 3 02:28:19 PST 2013

On 03/03/2013 10:18 AM, Thanos Baloukas wrote:
> On 03/03/2013 02:14 AM, Thanos Baloukas wrote:
> I'm reverting back to Audacious 3.3.3, since
> 3.3.4 can't play wma, and I have a lot of old wmas which I don't want
> to convert.

Audacious 3.3.3 can't play wmas neither, with ffmpeg-1.1.2
With ffmpeg-0.10.2 it could. I hope mplayer will.


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