[blfs-support] Python Modules

Matt Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Mar 6 11:55:10 PST 2013

On Wed, 2013-03-06 at 20:37 +0100, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for these items. Don't you think the book could mention if some module
> is compatible with Python 2, 3 or both? For example, I wonder what's about for
> Pyrex. I tried python se!up.py install, with python 3, it doesn't work at all.
> Is there some solution or is Python 2 mandatory for this module? If 2 is needed,
> it means that 2 and 3 must be installed on the system at the same time. I'll
> do this, although I don't find out this optimal. But is no choice exists...

My recommended way of trying to figure out about Python 3 compatibility
would be to go to http://pypi.python.org and type in the name of the
module you're interested in to the search box in the top-right corner.

>From the results page, go to the package's home page and there should be
details there.  For Pyrex, it says the last release was but
going to the package's home page, it says the last release was 0.9.9 on
2010-04-12.  I thought that would have pre-dated the release of Python
3, but in fact it doesn't, with Python 3.0.1 being released on

That all said, it looks like Pyrex is unmaintained, there haven't been
any releases since 2010-04-12, and no posts to the mailing list since
April 2012.

What is it that you were building that requires that package?



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