[blfs-support] Abiword-2.9.3 fails to build without GTK+-3

Arthur Radley misterarthurradley at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 21:24:26 PDT 2013

Just FYI, mostly...

Abiword-2.9.3 in the current BLFS svn version failed to build without 
GTK+-3 which is not listed as a required package in the book.

 From the failed build...

configure: error: Package requirements (
   fribidi >= 0.10.4
   glib-2.0 >= 2.6.0 gthread-2.0 >= 2.6.0 gobject-2.0 >= 2.6.0
   libgsf-1 >= 1.12
   wv-1.0 >= 1.2.0
   enchant >= 1.2.0 gio-2.0
   cairo-pdf cairo-ps pangocairo
   gtk+-3.0 >= 3.0.8 gtk+-unix-print-3.0 librsvg-2.0 >= 2.16.0 cairo-fc
  x11) were not met:

No package 'gtk+-3.0' found
No package 'gtk+-unix-print-3.0' found

I restored a tarball from an earlier point in the project and installed 
GTK+-3 alongside the existing GTK+-2. I also decided to install GOffice 
upgraded from v0.8.17 to to v0.10.0 since GTK+-3 was now present. 
Abiword-2.9.3 then installed normally, but it looked terrible (blacked 
out page rulers, blacked out highlighted text, black page borders, for 
example). That stuff was not unheard of on the Internet from back last 
summer. I uninstalled Abiword-2.9.3 and installed Abiword-2.9.4 which 
sort of fixed the rulers & borders. I then could see the rulers and tabs 
which seemed to work okay, but they looked kind of graphically crude. 
Both of these new Abiwords also ignored the normal.awt file in my home 

Maybe people who install Gnome or KDE have some widget or other that I 
don't have and none of this happens to them. I have no way to know. In 
the end, I had no patience for any of this and restored again to my 
non-GTK+-3 BLFS project and continued on with it and the old 
Abiword-2.8.6 again. It's been working (and looks) fine. I'm almost 
finished with the project without needing GTK+-3 anyway.

Just thought somebody might want to know that Abiword may be busted now.

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