[blfs-support] mudix

Sven Bartscher svenbartscher at yahoo.de
Mon Mar 11 03:49:19 PDT 2013

Hey guys!
A few days ago i compiled mudix 3.6 on my lfs-system. It's a little 
program for connecting to an mud-server. The compiling only produces one 
executable nothing else is should be needed for running the program. I 
placed the executable in /usr/local/games and added /usr/local/games to 
my PATH. Now i run it by typing "mudix wayfar1444.com 7777" where 
"wayfar1444.com" is the mud-server and "7777" the port. The program 
should open (with curses) and display the messages from the server. 
Instead there appears one diplay full of empty lines and then appears 
the bash-prompt again. pstree says the program isn't running. The line 
where i typed the mudix command is gone.

I followed the lfs-book 7.2
I don't have compiled my own kernel and use the kernel of my Ubuntu 
instead, but i think that's not the problem.
I have an (almost) absolutely blank lfs-system that means i installed no 
packages except these in the lfs-book, cpio and mudix.

I hope anyone can understand me. English isn't my native language.
hopefull regards.

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