[blfs-support] Usb error on boot/ or insert

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 12:11:07 PDT 2013

spiky wrote:
> Hi
> I have just built LFS-7.3 I am getting an error with usb devices. They
> dont get allocated to usb2 "as far as I can make out" they try usb1 1st.
> kern.log as usb device plugged in.
> Kernel 3.8.2

> It has a VIA motherboard
> Dose anyone know of a fix

I don't recognize the error you are seeing.  Can you explain it better? 
  Also, was it working with earlier kernels?  If so, get a copy of the 
config for the working kernel, copy it to the 3.8.2 source directory as 
.config and run 'make oldconfig'.  That will ask questions, but you can 
generally take the defaults.  Build and test that kernel.

   -- Bruce

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