[blfs-support] Usb error on boot/ or insert

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 15:14:50 PDT 2013

spiky wrote:

>>> Ok renaming those files fixed the boot problem, So what will be the
>>> fix?? What difference will it make?

>> The problem then is udev.  You can run udevd from the command line.
>> Check out the udevd man page and try running --debug.  Since it seems to
>> be hw specific, I don't think I can help any more.

> What impact will this have ???

udev creates devices and links in /dev.  It can also run an application 
used to initialize a device.  Most installations expect the devices or 
links.  You evidently have some problem in what udev is doing when it 
detects some device.  It's hard to say which device.

   -- Bruce

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