[blfs-support] kernel panic when booting with connected external disk

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers edgaralwers at gmx.de
Wed Mar 13 04:36:30 PDT 2013

We have a Lenovo 135 Dual Core laptop with two systems on board: ubunto and 
LFS-6.5/BLFS_SVN-2012-01-16 with KDE-4.7.

When an external disk is connected from the very beginning (USB- connection ), 
the boot process of the LFS system stops with a kernel panic:

---- error-----------
VFS Mount root on devices 8:5
devtmpfs:error mounting -2
kernel panic -not syncing: No init found, Try passing init=option to kernel. 
See Linux documentacion for guidance
pid=1, comm:swaper /0.not tained 3.7.5 #5
------------- error---------------

However, this does not happen when the ubunto system is booted.

The boot sequence in bios is of course HDD, then USB, but seems to be anyway 
OK, as ubuntu boots. Without the external disk connected, both systems boot 

Can someone tell us what may be happening ?
Thanks in advance,

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers <edgaralwers at gmx.de>

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