[blfs-support] Compilation presets for Xorg

Niels Terp nielsterp at comhem.se
Wed Mar 13 07:44:17 PDT 2013

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Emne: Re: [blfs-support] Compilation presets for Xorg

On Tue, 2013-03-12 at 14:21 +0100, Niels Terp wrote:
> And much to my surprise, even after a munual "sh 
> /etc/profile.d/xorg.sh" the variables STILL don't contain anything.

That will *never* work. Running "sh filename" will simply start a new
process which reads the file, sets those variables in that process, then
exits. If you want to read the file into the current shell, use "source
filename" or ". filename" instead.


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Thank you Simon, I realy couldn't get it, but of cause you are right. 

The biggest reason I'm doing this, is to refresh my UNIX experience, which
is some 30 years old - and I haven't used it since. Great to learn new stuff


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