[blfs-support] mailx

Sven Bartscher svenbartscher at yahoo.de
Fri Mar 15 11:12:24 PDT 2013

Hey guys!
A few days ago i installed mailx (or nail). I configured so i can send 
mails via my yahoo.de mail-adress. But i can't read my mails. Ever if i 
start mailx i get this message:
"imaps://svenbartscher@imap.mail.yahoo.com:993": 22 messages (few 
minutes ago there was unread mail but now i reead it another way, but it 
didn't work too.)
No mail for sven
But then it ends i can't read the mails or can do anything.
Here my ~/.mailrc:
set smtp=smtps://smtp.mail.yahoo.com:465
set from=svenbartscher at yahoo.de
set smtp-auth=login
set smtp-auth-user=svenbartscher at yahoo.de
folder imaps://svenbartscher@imap.mail.yahoo.com:993
is this supposed to happen? Did i something wrong? How can i fix this?
with hopefull regards

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