[blfs-support] Usb error on boot/ or insert

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 15 15:03:19 PDT 2013

On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 08:57:54PM +0000, spiky wrote:
> I have got kernel-3.8.3 all working now thks, I just wonder if I had 
> downloaded the patch from kernel.org for 3.8.2 if I would have been 
> better off that way.
 Hard to say, I'll try to explain and give you context -

 In general, I download the first release of each kernel, and then
use patch-x.y.z for those stable releases I think might be
beneficial to me.  Meantime, I test linus' -rc releases once things
have settled down (occasionally -rc1, more typically -rc3 or -rc5
depending on what I notice on lkml) - this is so that I will have
some confidence that a new version will work on my main desktops.
It also means that at least once a year I have a problem with an -rc
kernel : sometimes I have the time or urgent need to debug it (e.g.
when using a new machine), other times I let it slide and hope
someone else fixes it :)  For my old single processor athlon64, now
detuned to i686, I think this would have been one of those cases if
I'd tried it on that machine - it has VIA hardware.

 But I suspect your problem is different.  I'm used to trying to
apply kernel patches, including some submitted but not yet included
(I was doing that before I ever found BLFS and LFS), and in BLFS I
often have to try to apply patches to fix breakage with newer
releases.  Sometimes, particularly with recent versions of patch,
I get rejections even if it seems obvious to me that a hunk has
merely moved - in those cases I use vim on whicheverfile,
whicheverfile.orig, whicheverfile.rej [ if a rejection, those are
the file - including any hunks which *did* apply, its original
version, and the hunk(s) which weren't applied.

 Mostly I can fix up whicheverfile, and then get rid or .orig and
.rej - I just use them in vim so that I can switch buffers to check
and to copy.

 Whenever I get a "cannot find file to patch" (yes, I too get that
fairly often, playing with upstream patches in BLFS packages) it
usually means that either I'm not in the right directory, or else
I'm using an inappropriate -pN option (some upstream patches and
distro patches omit directories so that you have to be in a
subdirectory to apply them).  Sometimes recently, I've thought about
directory organization and which -pN level I need, and still got it
wrong - followed by a slapped head and "Doh!" when I understand my

 The more you apply patches, the better you should become at working
out *how* to apply them.  Experience helps in many other places too
(if you can keep notes to refer to later).  Keep working at it.

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