[blfs-support] Problem when building WebkitGTK with GTK+-2.34.16

901 STT 901stt at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 09:40:04 PDT 2013

It's like you said, I have compile with WebkitGTK 1.11.90. Currently I use
GTK+-2.34.17 and GTK+-3.7.12. I have built successfully WebkitGTK 1.10.2
with GTK+2, and WebkitGTK 1.11.90 with GTK+3. I removed
"--with-gstreamer=1.0" when building WebkitGTK+1.11.90 with GTK+2, but it
still failed. It requires included files with not in GTK+2, but in GTK+3
instead. I don't know if it a bug in WebkitGTK 1.11.00 onward or not.

Thank you for your helping.

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