[blfs-support] Mouse and Keyboard don't work with Xorg :-(

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 09:12:34 PDT 2013

James Tyrer wrote:

> Problem resolved.  I found a archived email on line that pointed out
> that there is also a Linux Kernel EvDev Driver.  It appears that I was
> missing it.  Now that I find this, it was the only possible and the
> obvious answer since I did everything the same and it didn't work.
> What I didn't do was compile a new driver into the Kernel.  Perhaps it
> would be worth mentioning in the BLFS book that it is needed.

It *is* in the book.

Kernel Configuration

Enable the following options in the kernel configuration and recompile 
the kernel if necessary:

Device Drivers  --->
   Input Device Support --->
     Event interface: Y or M

   -- Bruce

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