[blfs-support] Unable to load certain websites

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 11:54:27 PDT 2013

Alexander Spitzer wrote:
> Adding wikipedia's IP ( to /etc/hosts definitely helps. It
> seems to get farther along in loading. However, nothing is actually
> displayed in the browser. The problems get stranger and stranger. Either
> something is wrong with the browser or there is another server from which
> data is needed with a different IP. Viewing the source of the blank page
> gives me a lot of html but I can't tell if it's everything or not.
> Why would simply giving the ip address of the domain name
> en.wikipedia.orghelp at all when ping instantly discovers that ip
> whether that line is in
> /etc/hosts/ or not? Maybe the DNS servers are used incorrectly somewhere.
> Using google's DNS servers doesn't appear to change anything. Also, what
> could cause this problem to occur for a few specific websites? How is
> wikipedia different from google mail or every other website that loads with
> no problem?

ping and dns are quite different protocols.  One is ICMP and the other 
is UDP.

The problem could be with the server, ISP, your local network, or your 
browser.  Many times a server will reference many other sites and they 
could be holding things up.  Try seeing what the response is like using 

You can also check against anduin.linuxfromscratch.org.  That is a very 
simple page that should come up almost instantly.

   -- Bruce

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