[blfs-support] Unable to load certain websites

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 09:09:51 PDT 2013

Alexander Spitzer wrote:
> Bruce, I followed Google's guide on setting up to use their public DNS
> servers and nothing changes. In fact I don't think there is anything wrong
> with the original DNS servers I was using because using the command "dig"
> for all the DNS servers I've used shows no signs of error, all names all
> resolved as expected. There must be something wrong with the way the DNS
> servers are used by the system. And something that is wrong only for
> SPECIFIC websites, it is very strange. I have very limited knowledge as to
> how it all works. Underneath it all, does the kernel actually send the
> request to the DNS server? If so, it probably is something kernel related.

No, it is glibc.  The programing code documentation is in the man page 
for getaddrinfo.

It does not make sense that the internals of the system are causing a 
slow response to some sites and is normal for others.  It would make 
sense that the rendering of some sites would be different from others.

Have you tried konqueror from kde or firefox?

   -- Bruce

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