[blfs-support] moving lfs

Sven Bartscher svenbartscher at yahoo.de
Wed Mar 20 11:19:46 PDT 2013

i want to move my lfs-system on a logical partition because i have 
already four primary partitions on my drive and can't create any new but 
want a few more. So to do that i would:
copy (with rsync) all the files from the lfs partition on another 
temporary partition (on another drive)
delete the old partition and create the new logical partitions
copy everything from the temporary partition back on the logical one
edit /etc/fstab (obviously)
i don't have to create a initramfs because i already have one.

I there something i forgot? Something i don't need to do? Something i 
have to take care about? I'm really scared about something goes wrong, 
or something goes lost and all my work on my lfs-system is gone. How can 
i make sure that everything is copied right? Can i just be sure that 
rsync does everything right? Is there something else i should be 
scared/afraid of?
with hopefull (and scared) regards

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