[blfs-support] [Solved] xorg-server fails to build with udev-198

NP np at logma.ch
Wed Mar 20 11:33:45 PDT 2013


xorg-server-1.14.0 fails to build with udev-198 (all builds following 
LFS/BLFS SVN instructions).

Thereported error is an unsatisfied reference to strv_env_get in libudev.so

The libdrm-2.4.42 reports an error of the same kind while making check.

Lots ofchanges were done in udev from version 197 to 198.As a result, 
some additional sources files should be added to the Makefile.lfs when 
building systemd/udev 198 in the LFS book, chapter 6.61.Adding 
env-util.c and utf8.c in this Makefile.lfs (near line 83) solves the 
issue for building xorg-serverand getting a working X window system.

Iam reporting this here because I am not subscriber of the 
lfs-{dev,support} lists. Perhaps this was already reported there, but as 
the archives are still unavailable, I was not able to check it. Sorry 
for the noise if any.

Best regards.

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