[blfs-support] Workaround: kernel panic when booting with connected external disk

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers edgaralwers at gmx.de
Thu Mar 21 09:12:12 PDT 2013

On Wed, 20 Mar 2013 13:04:23 +0100
"Pierre M.R." <prousselet at sfr.fr> wrote:

> A workaround is to compile an LFS kernel with usb system as
> modules so that the kernel can't know about the external
> HD before mounting root fs and loading the usb modules.

And on Thu, 21Mar 2013 05:32:34
"Michael Shell" <list1 at michaelshell.org> wrote:

> Under Ubuntu, the internal drive is assigned to sda and the
> external drive gets sdb. However, LFS, with the external drive
> attached, assigns sda to the external USB drive and sdb is
> the internal drive, hence the boot failure.

Well, this is true, as also Pierre had observed.

We changed the "USB_Storage" in the kernel-3.7.5 configuration to "module" and 
the kernel-panic issue was settled. The boot process ends now normal, also if 
more than one usb device is attached: Toshiba disk, flash drive.

So, the _issue_ in our laptop got an workaround. The _problem_ is, however, 
not solved. As Mike wrote  ( and Bruce mentioned, gptfdisk-0.8.6 )

> So, if it were me, I would use gdisk to assign "Partition unique GUID"
> (PARTUUID) to all those partitions and then change grub and fstab to
> use PARTUUID notation rather than /dev/sdx for / and swap.

we will give persistent device naming a try. I am a little anxious, however, 
to "kill" our good working system, so perhaps we shall start with a flash 

After going through some links and articles, I think that  Mike is right: a 
_solution_ of the problem needs to come from the kernel developers. This is, 
of course, only my opinion.

Thank you very much to all who contributed to make this issue to me more 
transparent, especially to Mike for all the links and comments.



Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers <edgaralwers at gmx.de>
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