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Nicholas McCurdy mindwarpstudios at aim.com
Fri Mar 22 04:21:29 PDT 2013

>I'm willing to poke around in the Makefiles, but it's been a VERY long time since I last perfoemed any makefile
>magic, and would appreciate a pointer or two.

So, I looked at config.status, and modified the LFS/BLFS one to use GCC / G++ (thereby removing all references

Compilation completed successfully, this time.

In Conclusion:
If LLVM + CLANG is installed prior to ICU, you *may* run into a problem in compilation...  ;)
Since BLFS is designed to be followed in a lateral manner, perhaps this condition is worthy of testing and
perhaps the addition of a note on the ICU-50.1.2 page?
I wouldn't know if this issue was due to a condition present in my build (or a potential bug in CLANG); but since
ICU actively looks for CLANG during ./configure, perhaps these two versions should be prohibited from playing

Armin, Thanks for your question about CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS; that set me thinking on the right track.

Nicholas McCurdy
mindwarpstudios at aim.com
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