[blfs-support] Unable to load certain websites

Aleksandar Kuktin akuktin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 08:04:07 PDT 2013

>On Sat, 23 Mar 2013 20:25:49 -0400
>Alexander Spitzer <aes368 at cornell.edu> wrote:
> Aleksandar,
> Thanks for your reply. Installing polipo and using its DNS resolver
> did not solve the issue but setting dnsQueryIPv6 to false did! Turns
> out the entire issue was with IPv6 querying. Now with ipv6 disabled
> in the kernel everything loads fine. I should have tried that
> earlier. I think the ipv6 problem is with my home router setup so
> when I go back to school I will reenable ipv6 and see if there is
> still an issue.
> Thanks for everyone's help!

Glad that's out of the way, then.

Yes, IPv6 can make that happen. If the DNS resolver resolves the name
into a IPv6 address, and the kernel believes it can handle the IPv6
while in reality there is no IPv6 path between you and the target, then
TCP/IPv6 will first have to timeout which takes a while. Forcing the
utilisation of IPv4-only addresses makes the problem go away.

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