[blfs-support] Moving Grub to a different partition

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 11:44:10 PST 2014

Cliff McDiarmid wrote:
> Hi
> I have two LFS installations, on different partitions, on the same
> drive(/dev/sda).   I have the older LFS(/dev/sda7) , with grub, booting at
> present to the grub menu.  I need the new LFS(/dev/sda6) to take over the
> booting, so I've installed Grub to this LFS.
> Am I right in thinking that I now need to run(from the new LFS):
> 'grub-install --root-directory=/boot/grub /dev/sda'
> to activate, having earlier deleted Grub from the old LFS and copied the'grub.cfg' file over?

What I recommend is to create a separate partition for /boot.  It does 
not need to be large.  100 or 200 MB is sufficient.  I use ext2 since a 
journal is not really needed for a partition that is rarely written.

Then move all your kernels, configs, and System-maps there and mount as 
/boot. Enter the partition in in fstab.

Now all your installs can share the same /boot and there is no confusion 
about how to share kernels or where grub.cfg is located.

   -- Bruce

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