[blfs-support] Moving Grub to a different partition

Cliff McDiarmid cliffhanger at gardener.com
Thu Dec 4 07:06:32 PST 2014

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Subject: Re: [blfs-support] Moving Grub to a different partition
On Thu, 4 Dec 2014 12:19:43 +0000
Richard Melville <richard.melville69 at googlemail.com> wrote:

> > >What I recommend is to create a separate partition for /boot. It does
> > >not need to be large. 100 or 200 MB is sufficient. I use ext2 since a
> > >journal is not really needed for a partition that is rarely written.
> >
> > >Then move all your kernels, configs, and System-maps there and mount as
> > >/boot. Enter the partition in in fstab.
> >
> > >Now all your installs can share the same /boot and there is no confusion
> > >about how to share kernels or where grub.cfg is located.
> >
> > >Yes your right, this is the best way. I've not gone for it in the past,
> > but now's the time.
> >
> >
> > >As a point of information, a separate /boot doesn't have to be mounted in
> > order to function.
> >
> > Okay. This seems contrary to the LFS book or am I not understanding this?
> I don't wish to confuse you Cliff; I'm just saying that a separate /boot
> can be mounted, or not, and still function. If in doubt, follow the book.
> Richard

>Think of it this way: you need to mount a partition to access it with any program that runs under the control of your kernel. But a bootloader like GRUB >accesses the partition directly, not through a mountpoint. So you only need a mountpoint for that partition in *one* of your systems for editing purposes, not >in all of them.

Right got it.  One other question.  Is Grub suppose to install its files into the boot directory on the LFS partition, the book seems to suggest this?  I installed Grub for the first time on an LFS install the other day and it didn't.



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