[blfs-support] evince-3.14.1

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Thu Dec 11 19:27:44 PST 2014

On 11-12-2014 23:44, Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 10:39:00PM -0300, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
>> On 11-12-2014 21:35, Ken Moffat wrote:
>>>  I've just built this: has anyone found a *reliable* way to resize
>>> it ?  When I opened it with a document, it came up low-down on the
>>> screen, with a not-very-tall window.  Dragging the top of the window
>>> extended it.  But after I had moved the window further up my screen,
>>> pulling down on the bottom, and trying to pull out the sides, mostly
>>> do not work.
>> ĸen, perhaps this is a rare occasion where I could help you.
>> I understand that in the up and down sides, you can resize the height,
>> but not in the left and right sides, for changing the width.
>> I just tried and confirmed this in XFCE. But if you try the corners,
>> then you will have the facilities for resizing height and/or width.
>> This seems a particularity of XFCE.
>> With LXDE, I tested and it woks normally, along the four sides and/or
>> four corners.
>>>  Pulling the edges to expand it seems to work _if_ the display is
>>> smaller than the current page size.  I mostly prefer evince to
>>> epdfview because there are too many "official" PDFs which come up
>>> blank in epdfview - the last one I remember was a council PDF about
>>> some roadworks, where the map was blank.
>> Same with me.
>>>  I suspect I'm going to have to go back to an older version of
>>> evince.
>>> ĸen
>> Therefore, if it is confirmed that you are using XFCE, I have the
>> impression that older versions won't matter.
>  Fernando, thanks for the comments.
>  I only use xfce on one desktop (which mostly just runs releases)
> and on my netbook.  The development machine uses icewm, and I also
> use icewm in BLFS-qemu (but there, maximizing the window might be
> adequate).
> Meanwhile, I've been looking at the past releases on the machine
> which now uses xfce for 7.6, and in that the 3.12 version was
> comparatively hard to grab.
> Perhaps current gnome is just too-new for (mostly unmaintained)
> icewm.  Unfortunately, icewm is my most-productive wm.
> I took a look at atril, again, but perhaps I'll stick with 3.12 if
> it still builds.  I need to think about what will cause me least
> aggravation.
> ĸen


I've just installed icewm.

Everything works in evince for resizing: four corners or four sides.
Problem is that the cursor only changes format, when you are at the
appropriate position, *after* you keep clicked the left mouse switch.

But the page needs modification in the personalized menu, the && are at
the wrong places and the last one (&&) is, of course, not necessary.


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