[blfs-support] libebml download and others

LM lmemsm at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 05:06:42 PST 2014

>If you download the source code from the provided link it
>does not compile.  You need to get it from the git hub:

I don't recall having any issues building libebml.  I downloaded it
from http://dl.matroska.org/downloads/libebml and am using version
1.3.0.  Checking my build scripts, I did notice I used my own makefile
instead of the one provided with the project.  The makefile I created
was fairly standard though, no special flags or settings.

On a related but different subject, has anyone run across any useful
lightweight applications that can display webm videos (something more
basic than vlc) using libraries like libvpx, libmatroska, libebml,
nestegg, etc?  I've only been able to find a few really lightweight
players so far.

There's webm-player which doesn't have sound support:
There's playvpx, but I haven't found any videos in ivf format to test it with.


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