[blfs-support] Gcr-3.10.1 need to set correct path for successful compilation

me at pc-networking-services.com me at pc-networking-services.com
Sat Mar 8 19:13:11 PST 2014


While I was attempting to compile Gcr-3.10.1 from the stable BLFS-7.5 book
I was not able to do so until I did the following:



I do not yet have KDE or GNOME fully installed, and was doing the compile
from an xterm terminal.

These are only set from the kde.sh script.

perhaps adding those instructions to the page may help others from getting
the same result that I did initially, which was unable to find gio and
gobject 2.0 in vala search path.

It was rather misleading, as it was neither of those that was the actual
problem but the lack of the XDG search paths.

My apologies if all but me knew to set these, but when following a written
guide line, it would be nice if those of us who do not deviate from it,
can get something to install as per the instructions.



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