[blfs-support] garbled text

Andrew Warshall admin at practicealgebra.net
Wed Mar 19 13:34:40 PDT 2014


   Been using LFS/BLFS as my main system for almost 8 years now,
   recently did my 6th build; so thanks! This one has the "feature"
   that text on-screen sometimes (infrequently) becomes garbled to the
   point of illegibility. I can make it come back (usually) by forcing
   the program to redraw it, or clicking on it, or the like. This can
   happen to lines in text entry boxes, menu items, spreadsheet cells
   --- I would guess anything, really. I've seen it in Emacs, Gnumeric
   and Firefox. Note that Emacs and Gnumeric use GTK3 while Firefox
   still uses GTK2, so it's unlikely to be a GTK bug per se (though it
   could be a bug in a GTK dependency). Searching the web has
   revealed nothing apparently useful. Where do you suggest I look?

               Thanks in advance,

               Andrew Warshall

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