[blfs-support] garbled text

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 19 17:35:01 PDT 2014

On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 04:34:40PM -0400, Andrew Warshall wrote:
> Hi-
>    Been using LFS/BLFS as my main system for almost 8 years now,
>    recently did my 6th build; so thanks! This one has the "feature"
>    that text on-screen sometimes (infrequently) becomes garbled to the
>    point of illegibility. I can make it come back (usually) by forcing
>    the program to redraw it, or clicking on it, or the like. This can
>    happen to lines in text entry boxes, menu items, spreadsheet cells
>    --- I would guess anything, really. I've seen it in Emacs, Gnumeric
>    and Firefox. Note that Emacs and Gnumeric use GTK3 while Firefox
>    still uses GTK2, so it's unlikely to be a GTK bug per se (though it
>    could be a bug in a GTK dependency). Searching the web has
>    revealed nothing apparently useful. Where do you suggest I look?
>                Thanks in advance,
>                Andrew Warshall

 You don't say which versions you are using.  There _was_ a past bug
with cairo or the xorg-server (apparently, a particular version of
cairo triggered it in the newer xserver), but that was all-but two
years ago : the thread appears to start at
http://osdir.com/ml/blfs-support/2012-04/msg00002.html (I say
"appears" because Tobias was referring to something Andy had

 I don't use emacs, and now only use gnumeric for testing the book
(and it worked for me in BLFS-7.5, although I didn't use it a lot).
I haven't seen that sort of problem in current firefox versions for
a very long time.

 So, is this a very old version of the book ?  Or perhaps you are
using very recent BLFS-svn ? (I haven't updated packages on my
systems, except gnutls/sqlite/nss/nspr/firefox, since BLFS-7.5).

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