[blfs-support] Not able to start the Xorg.

David Kredba nheghathivhistha at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 09:59:55 PDT 2014

Do you have pciutils installed? Please run (/usr/sbin/)lspci -v |grep
VGA and post the result here.
Is kernel module for your card loaded? (lsmod) Does the module
recognize your card? (check your system log messages file
or rmmod module && modprobe module and post output of modprobe command
from terminal/konsole.)

Modern Xorg server is able to detect best settings for your card under
normal circumstances, no xorg.conf file should be needed.
Your log files look way too short.

Do you have needed configuration in kernel?
Is udev running properly?

Regards, David.

2014-03-23 13:53 GMT+01:00 Prasad Kumbhar <prasadkumbhar at live.com>:
> I am right now in Xorg-7.7 Testing and Configuration. And as the book i run
> the "startx" but i am not getting the desired output as mentioned in book of
> getting 3/4 windows. In-fact it is showing me the description of my system
> and then for some time their is no output and suddenly it says about bad
> display. and then it exits.
> I am not able to figure what is wrong in it.
> Earlier i created the xorg.conf file but, when i run the "startx" it used to
> give some error in finding the display then i deleted the conf file. I am
> attaching the output which i got while i executed "startx" when i had
> xorg.conf file. And their was only one Xorg.0.log file.
> But after deleting the xorg.conf file, their are no errors for finding the
> display, now it just say bad display. And now i am getting 4 Xorg.*.log
> files(which can be found in attachments below) when i am running the
> "startx". In last I am attaching the output which i got while i executed
> "startx".
> attachments:
> 1. output of "startx" with xorg.conf.
> 2. Xorg.0.log.
> 3. Xorg.1.log.
> 4. Xorg.2.log.
> 5. Xorg.3.log.
> 6. output of "startx" without xorg.conf.
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