[blfs-support] Paco v Porg and related problems (was How to Unistall Mysql)

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Tue Nov 4 02:46:08 PST 2014

On 03-11-2014 14:35, Richard Melville wrote:
> On 3 November 2014 16:37, Fernando de Oliveira <famobr at yahoo.com.br> wrote:
>> On 03-11-2014 13:05, Richard Melville wrote:
>>> On 3 November 2014 11:31, Fernando de Oliveira <famobr at yahoo.com.br>
>> wrote:
>>>>> Running your porg test worked flawlessly for me.  I still don't
>>>> understand
>>>>> why you're seeing different results for porg generally, and for paco in
>>>>> your test.  What would be influencing the results?  Were you using the
>>>> same
>>>>> versions as I did?
>>>> $ porg -sFdd porg; paco -sMFCndd paco
>>>> 1.3M  19  10/29/14 13:11  porg-0.7
>>>> 1.7M [ ]  20 [ ] (  )  13-Sep-2014 08:36  paco-2.0.9
>>> I suggested that maybe we were using different versions of paco and porg.
>>> I told you which versions I was using but I don't know which versions you
>>> are using.
>> It is there. If you don't read what I write, it is impossible to gon on
>> discussing.
>> OK, I'm sorry but I missed that.
>> You could, e.g., have reproduced the tests with git and other package I
>> gave here and show what you get. But I have no output from you, but words.
> I'm not being rude but I really don't have the time to run those tests; I'm
> really busy at the moment.  I ran the initial simple tests that you gave me
> and reported that there were no issues.  I can post the results if you like
> but, as you know, there is not much to see, but here you go anyway:-

> richard at turing ~/test-paco $ sudo /opt/paco -sMFCndd test-paco
> 4k [ ]  2 [ ] ( )  03-Nov-2014 17:14  test-paco

> richard at turing ~/test-paco $ sudo /opt/paco -r test-paco

> richard at turing ~/test-paco $ sudo find /test
> find: ‘/test’: No such file or directory

The only difference in the systems is that you install in /opt, I
install in /usr.

>> But I am not really interested in this anymore.
>> I only ask you that pĺease do not be upset when in any recommendation I
>> warn about the problems with paco and porg. If any were in the book,
>> there would be a "warn" in the page.
> That's fine with me.  I'm not upset but you seem to be.  Maybe it's a
> language issue.  Unfortunately, my Portuguese is not up to a detailed
> conversation.

Not upset, just finding it useless to go on with the discussion, we
definitely have different results. Thanks for not bothering about the
eventual warnings.

>> I will not spend any more time with this thread, sorry.
> Anyway, thanks for your help Fernando, it is appreciated.

Thank you, your help is much appreciated, too.

If anyone else know about this subject, it could be helpful to find out
the reasons for the different results.


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