[blfs-support] Building Firefox-32.0.1 in blfs-systemd 7.6

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 10:16:41 PST 2014

Googlemail wrote:
> This version of Firefox seems to have gstreamer enabled by default.
> The instructions for mozconfig include a couple of commented-out
> "enable" instructions, but my configure stage still failed,
> complaining that gstreamer was not installed.
> I had to add an explicit "ac_add_options --disable-gstreamer"
> statement to get it to build. It built surprisingly fast though, less
> than 2.5 hours and much less than the 60 SBU suggested by the book.

This has been updated in the SVN version of the book.

   -- Bruce

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