[blfs-support] Paco v Porg and related problems (was How to Unistall Mysql)

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sat Nov 15 08:16:46 PST 2014

On 15-11-2014 12:50, Roger Koehler wrote:
>> I noticed that apparently you didn't use the make logme, so that the
>> porg install is also logged?
> I guess I didn't write that step correctly.  Since I installed it in
> the tools directory, I just used:
> porg -lD "make install" (as root)
> to install porg in /usr before installing anything else.  Now that
> sudo is installed, I use:
> sudo porg -lD "make install"

This, I know.

It is not that I am referring to.

package porg, to be installed, you cannot use porg, normally, so that

$ porg porg

will give nothing.

If, after installing porg,

porg -lD "make install" (as root)

 in the source directory, you run:

# make logme

then, now you have
$ porg porg
$ porg -sFdd porg
1.2M  19  10/30/14 00:57  porg-0.7

OH, I see. It is in the tools, that it was not logged.



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