[blfs-support] firefox-32.0.1 extremely slow

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Tue Nov 18 05:45:20 PST 2014

Le 18/11/2014 13:31, Richard a écrit :
> I have a question about how to upgrade gcc.
> In building LFS you first build a temporary system
> of tools, including gcc, and then use those tools
> to build the rest of the software. If I want to
> upgrade gcc, does that mean I have to start all
> over again from "scratch" and build LFS again?
> Or can I just update gcc and use it to compile
> firefox, without re-compiling other packages?
> Richard
If you do not pass the "--disable-bootstrap" switch, this is done 
automagically by the gcc build system (temporary gcc only, then 
intermediate gcc, then final gcc). You just have to follow the gcc page 
on the BLFS book. Feel free to change the "--enable-languages" switch to 
keep only what you need, usually c and c++.


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