[blfs-support] how to make Live cd of my LFS/BLFS system?

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> Subject: [blfs-support] how to make Live cd of my LFS/BLFS system?
> Hello,i follows LFS/BLFS 7.6 stable version book.By using these two
> books i make a my own OS.i completed GUI environment and some of the file
> manager and browsers and editors etc.. but some of the problems with sound
> and thunar filemanager, vmware workstation etc... but i want to check imy
> os on another system so friends please give me a susggestion that how to
> make my own os as LIve cd.Thanks in advance.
> --sainadh j

 - you may find the following suggestions useful for _adapting_ to your
own work:
>* Booting from dvd:
  If using cd/dvd, then you probably want to use re-writable media; else
  you'll burn through one cd/dvd per trial-run.

>* Booting from usb:

>* *If* you 'need'/want to use initrd (NB that lfs doesn't need/use initrd):

>* Misc: UEFI:

>good luck,


hey Thanks for links i am waiting for valuble suggestion you give me That. Thanks.
--sainadh j

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