[blfs-support] Toolkits

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Sun Mar 6 13:05:44 PST 2016

Paul Rogers wrote:
>> I'm getting a little confuddled making my way through toolkit
>> dependencies.  Firefox is a major requirement, and somewhere around
>> 44 they may have switched to gtk3.  I also want a lightweight desktop
>> environment, xfce lately, which wants gtk2.  (lxde bailed) Have we
>> reached the (undesireable) point at which we have to have BOTH gtk2
>> and gtk3 installed?  And then there's the accompanying glib!  AArgh!
>Does it have to be firefox?  What about midori?
>   -- Bruce

Let's say it does, and stick to the question, eh?  In the meantime I've
been browsing XFCE threads, and 4.12 is still gtk2, but some parts can
use some parts of gtk3.  Their main complaint is gtk3 "churn" and
breakage version to version.  I don't like that either!  What's the best
path through this mess?

Paul Rogers
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