[blfs-support] Toolkits

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Sun Mar 6 15:13:38 PST 2016

>> Paul Rogers wrote:
>>>> I'm getting a little confuddled making my way through toolkit
>>>> dependencies.  Firefox is a major requirement, and somewhere around
>>>> 44 they may have switched to gtk3.  I also want a lightweight
>>>> desktop environment, xfce lately, which wants gtk2.  (lxde bailed)
>>>> Have we reached the (undesireable) point at which we have to have
>>>> BOTH gtk2 and gtk3 installed?  And then there's the accompanying
>>>> glib!  AArgh!
>>>Does it have to be firefox?  What about midori?
>>>   -- Bruce
>> Let's say it does, and stick to the question, eh?
>That's an unusual attitude from somebody who's seeking assistance.

I'm sorry if you're offended, Richard, but the question was about
choosing toolkits (which BTW are dependencies of packages other than
Firefox, e.g. XFCE), NOT about which browser I need or whether I need
it.  So, yes, I didn't think Bruce's answer was appropriate either.

And to answer Ken's question in short, I tend to run on salvaged and
hand-me-down hardware, so I try to make my systems lightweight, e.g. 
XFCE instead of KDE or Gnome.  I don't like having to have, or 
maintain, competing toolkits.  If'n I wanted bulk, I'd install one of
the "kitchen sink" distros.

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