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Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 8 15:27:09 PST 2016

> I was questioning your requirements.  The mention of firefox and
> lightweight seemed to be a contradiction to me.

Not knowing anything about what sites I have to visit, what they
support, what I have to do there, rather than answer my question
about toolkits, you decided something else would work better for me
than firefox?  What is this fascination with requiring firefox?  I
don't get it.

In the first place, even if it were a contradiction, just because I have
to have firefox has no relevance for making the rest of the system light
and efficient.  If one piece of the system doesn't meet some arbitrary
standard, then the whole thing is ruined and nothing should be done to
make any of it right?  Nonsense.

What ever happened to "Your system, your rules"?  "We don't like your
rules," is it?  So is it now we have to answer to some other rules to
get a straightforward answer to a question about the tradeoffs for
managing toolkits in some efficient for the time being?  From what I've
seen, even GTK3 is a headache, breaking things from release to release.
> Here is a quick list of what I build after Xorg to support firefox
> (ignoring fonts - DejaVu is probably sufficient for Paul) - items with
> square brackets are other toolkits or e.g. for TeX.
> glib2
> gtk2
> [ gtk3

I see Ken has both.  I'd be interested if he has experienced the
breakage & incompatibility problems.
> There is a question if firefox actually needs gstreamer I ditched
> gstreamer completely from my systems as soon as firefox decided to use
> ffmpeg by default so I can confirm that it doesn't need it.

I just glanced at FFmpeg yesterday, but was put off by all its
dependencies.  Is it more efficient, lightweight, than Gstreamer, all
things considered?
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