[blfs-support] Wpa-supplicant with gnutls

David Denoncin denoncin.david at hotmail.fr
Wed Mar 9 05:02:24 PST 2016

Hi all,

I just thought I'd mention that if building wpa-supplicant with gnutls 
instead of openssl as recommended in the BLFS book (a questionable 
choice for sure), one needs first to install libgcrypt (and its 
dependency libgpg-error) otherwise wpa-supplicant will whine about not 
finding gcrypt.h and compiling will fail. It seems to me that it is due 
to gnutls using the nettle libraries for crypto.

I did that and I now have a working wpa-supplicant without using the 
openssl ssl libraries.

Next I have two questions:
1) why wpa-supplicant would need ssl/tls libraries ? (this is how 
ignorant I am, sorry), and
2) anyone ever built wpa-supplicant with the nettle crypto libraries 
instead of libgcrypt ?

This is my first mail on any of the linuxfromscratch-related mailing 
lists: please tell me if it was not appropriate.


PS: I have been building LFS/BLFS for a few months now on a relatively 
old notebook with limited ressources and found that these projects 
totally changed the way I use my computer which I use now in a much more 
efficient way thanks to the book and everything that goes on the mailing 
lists. Thank you all for that !

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