[blfs-support] remote display

Arnie Stender astender777 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 12:06:58 PST 2016

    Back when I did this for a living I used to remotely display all 
kinds of X applications to my local desktop. I always thought that 
functionality was built into the X-Server. I can't seem to make it 
happen. I have a number of workstations connected to a KVM and I have my 
good keyboard connected to them. Now I have this new BLFS workstation I 
am building and I want to run all the build processes on that system but 
use my normal desktop and keyboard. I have killed the firewall, run 
xhost +, and have been trying to run firefox and xterm from the BLFS 
system and display the windows on my other desktop. All I get is errors. 
For example when I run 'xterm -display stender3:0' I get: "xterm: Xt 
error: Can't open display: stender3:0". Once again either something has 
changed or I am missing some simple but key factor. Seems to me I used 
to remotely display an entire desktop but that may have been when all I 
had was an X-terminal. When I tried that I got display in use errors. If 
anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks 
in advance. I didn't say it before but I killed the firewall and ran 
xhost + on stender3 where I expect to see the xterm pop up. From what I 
can find in man pages and on the web it looks like it should still be 

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