[blfs-support] remote display

Arnie Stender astender777 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 08:12:55 PST 2016

On 03/10/2016 03:50 PM, Pol Vangheluwe wrote:
>>   From what I can find in man pages and on the web it looks like it should still be possible.
>> Arnie
>> -- 
> So, you want to set up a connection from your desktop (the screen server) to your BLFS system (the screen client)?
> Did you allow X11 forwarding on your client?  Check with grep X11 /etc/ssh/sshd_config ~/.ssh/*grep
> Then connect with ssh -Y <your login>@<your client> and start an app.
> (this is the way I do with my iMac as server)
> pvg
Pol and Bruce,
     Thanks for the refresher. I had forgotten all about the X11 
forwarding. I have now got all the X11 forwarding options set to yes 
going both ways in both the ssh_config and sshd_config but I still can't 
open a window on the remote display. As Bruce suggested I tried running 
xauth (although I don't remember using it before) on both machines and I 
get the same error "unable to open display stender3:0". I tried both the 
add and generate functions with same results. I read in the man pages on 
ssh about a "trusted" host. I seem to remember something about that 
having to be set up separately from way back when but right now I can't 
bring it to the front. How exactly do I designate a host as being 


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